Last Saturday I accidentally discovered a little gallery in Aarau, Switzerland. Somehow the signage outside it's door lured me in 'Raum für Schnittkunst'- 'Space for Papercutting'.
I entered the 19th Century building to find all kinds of papercuts traditional and contemporary. 
Not everything was to my taste, but the idea of dedicating a space purely to a technique long practised by many I found intriguing. I one of the owners Ruedi kindly  shared his passion for his endeavour. As a former Graphic Designer he was an interesting person to chat to.Together with his wife they compiled a book called 'Querschnitt' featuring the history of  papercuts in Switzerland.
 The smallest traditional papercut in the gallery caught my attention the most and Ruedi showed me the scissors used to produce such a craft made from love and patience!
An overall lovely experience and a place to revisit. Aarau is a charming historic city with an amazing Museum of Modern Art.

All images by me taken in the 'Raum für Schnittkunst'



On a recent trip to our local Transport Museum in Lucerne I was fascinated by the 'Tourism Flipper' from Charles Morgan, a Swiss artist from Vevey.
I love his whimsical take on Swiss icons and his moving sculptural piece cleverly created and inventively morphed together. A spectacel for the eye to wander and wonder. Bit of an ode to Jean Tinguely...

 Charles Morgan Workshop

'Tourism Flipper' Museum of Transport Lucerne

'Marion' by Charles Morgan



 Some ideas got stuck in the pipeline for a while and now I've unblocked the creative drain and some new work is flowing.

all illustration collages by me ©Natalie Born 



This weekend I finally made it to see what the HSLU Design and Kunst, Luzern final degree show had to offer.
I was positively surprised and impressed with the quality of the exhibition. Product design  displayed the  strongest concepts thoroughly explored, developed and exhibited beautifully. It all looked very contemporary. The only critique is I find product and textile design could push their ideas further.
I wouldn't mind teaching there bringing some St. Martin's flavour over.
I'm terribly sorry that I don't have the names of the wonderful students work as I popped in with my Son and he wasn't very forgiving for the time I wanted to take...so if anyone knows please contact me and i'll happily add them in.

These bottle crates were  cleverly topped with 
beautifully painted wood panels and converted into
 a seating area a 'The Bar'. Brilliant!

BAProduct Design student lamp made from 
recycled bottles and his exhibit above.

This final project was my favourite: recycled books made 
into wood type panels and bowls



It was a revelation to hear  that a book of Howard Tangye and his awe-inspiring drawings are finally in process.
Howard was my fashion illustration tutor the  womenswear course back in the St. Martins days. He was influential to my drawing development and an inspiration. I loved his lessons, his style of teaching with music and passion. His approach to drawing was completely different from any other drawing class I had been to and confirmation that I finally found a place where I belonged. St. Martins without Howard is unthinkable!
Years later I had the honour of teaching fashion illustration  on the Foundation diploma course at St. Martin's and realised how Howard's approach influenced my methods of teaching.
This book is long due and I really hope the publishers will find enough backers. Please please support this project here.

 image by Kasia Bobula